Bohemian Border bash

  • Sat, May 29
    May 29, 4:57 AM – Jun 05, 9:11 PM
    #BBBR2021, 405 02 Jetřichovice, Czechia
    #BBBR is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage ultra-endurance on & off-road cycling competition. The riders will compete on their approximately 1300km long journey circumnavigating Bohemia, crossing back-and-forth along national borders, riding through Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
  • Thu, Sep 09
    Sep 09, 5:00 PM – Sep 12, 10:00 AM
    #BBBC2021, Intercamp Mosquito, Jetřichovice, Czechia
    The Camp is a multi-day Gravel Bike Riding Event organized in the heart of one of Central Europe's most beautiful National Parks, on the border between Germany & Czechia. The #BBBC is not a race, but rather a collection of inspiring rides among sandstone pinnacles & rock gorges.
  • Thu, Sep 09
    Sep 09, 7:00 PM – Sep 12, 11:00 AM
    #BIGBASH2021, Vysoká Lípa, 405 02 Jetřichovice, Czechia
    This one actually is a race! If you are looking for a challenge look no further. 307km long Big Bash will test your physical and psychical strength. #BIGBASH is part of 2021 #BBBC.

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"There has never really been a lull in the lifeblood of the heavily forested and mountainous borderlands of Bohemia. From early Celtic origins to Germanic settlers by the start of the Middle Ages, to later Slavic migrations... these wild lands hold deep emotional and pagan history, long before the Přemysl dynasty and Christianity formalized the structure of a Czech Bohemia across the 9th-13th centuries. Throw in some Holy Romans, Hussites & Hapsburgs, and the international history of Bohemia marches on, building up and breaking down borders all the way to our modern-day, integrated right at the heart of Europe..."

Location:  Bohemian - Saxony Switzerland National Park;  50.8547019N, 14.3579331E (Germany 🇩🇪 / Czech Republic 🇨🇿 )

Airports:  Berlin, Dresden, Prague 

Arriving by train:

Trains from Dresden (Germany) or Decin (Czechia) stop at Schöna station. Take the ferry (50m from the station, €2.50) across the river Elbe/Labe. You will find yourself in Hrensko. Follow the road into the woods. It is only 11.6km long ride.


International trains from Berlin or Prague stop in Bad Schandau. You can cycle from the train station to the event. It is 22km long ride. There is a ferry service from Bad Schandau to Hrensko as well. More information here:

From Berlin

By car - 2:45h

By train - 2:20h

From Dresden

By car - 0:50h

By train - 0:44h

From Prague

By car - 1:43h

By train - 1:47h

From Munich

By car - 4:30h

By train - 6:30h

From Bonn

By car - 6:00h

By train - 7:40h

Thank you to Martin Rak Photography @martinrakphoto for the beautiful landscape pictures,  
Jesper Jonsson @jeppemedkniven for the roundel illustration.
Picture gallery bellow from Dan Zoubek @dan_zoubek

“The Bohemian Border Bash is what all gravel events should aspire for: sublime riding in hidden settings, riding shoulder to shoulder with your best friends new and old. I loved how absolutely diverse the attendance was, brilliantly organized the weekend was and how beautifully chosen the routes were!”